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On Inter-Disciplinary Studies: 12 Thoughts

As a matter of personal and professional interest, I shuttle back and forth between different fields of study. This includes, for example, worship studies in general and liturgical theology in particular, the discipline of systematic theology, and both theological aesthetics and aesthetic theology, along with the arts in their broadest sense.

During my early years as a pastor, in Austin, Texas, fifteen-some years ago, I frequently enjoyed talking about these subjects. I talked about them at length and with no want of enthusiasm. As I look back on my preaching notes and the adult education materials that I had developed, however, I see evidence that my enthusiasm lacked a measure of care in what I now understand to be rather complicated business.

As Saint Paul might have said, if he'd written a letter to the Christians in Austin, and he'd included a personal aside to me, which would be extraordinarily flattering: "I can testify about David that he is zealous for worship, …

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